Introduction! BZAAT.

Welcome welcome welcome. A scattergories (copyright?) accounting of this ramblin’ man tryin’a make a living doing the best I can..Making the efforts in English class to stake-out, break-out, take-out… the self-righteous and ultra elitist brought to you by the letter: A.

Compositions of the- I typed it cuz iLiked it -type Quality (or is it Quantity? My Country makes this a constant confusion in any case, but my statistics Teacher who has all the high-brow papers with the Ribbons and Seals like says they are different like the Numbers and Categories).  This would be called something like a Study via Michaelangelo and daVinci making the fast and messy lines and dots before the Grande Finale.  Myself I’m not much the english type, though I’ll try my truest and mess around like the Masters, thought I’m not much the master but more the Grasshopper scheme trying to catch the Bugs with the chopsticks.  Most like iMiss than iCatch, but seeing as I’m partial to Rice it seems, yeh, possible as I’m efficient with chopsticks.


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