South Beach Diet

My father trucked up the stairs.

-Olivia, do you want to see pictures of Bud and Cecil [my grandparents] when they were young?

Funny, just a couple days ago on my long commute to Essex CCBC I was just musing about what my grandparents looked like when they were younger.  They are to this day fiercely independent, intelligent, and healthy.  Bud, my grandfather, was an avid sailor and member of the National Gaurd.  He was also a journalist for the Jeffersonian.  Cecil, my grandmother, is college graduate and was an engineer for Bell Atlantic.  They still own and maintain the 17 acre property and home they built 40+ years ago.

My grandparents are incredibly interesting, but In their modesty that borders on the ridiculous, they never had any photos of themselves lying around.

My dad’s slides are beautiful representations of the glorious people they are.

On a tangent point-

I think I am going to join the Navy after college.


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