Ba-ba-ba-ba, who loves the sun?, ba-ba-ba-ba, not everyone!

I get yelled at a lot when I drive. The most common grievance being my seat belt– I’m pretty bad at wearing one.  However I’m fairly sure its not my safety my friends are worried about, but more that the red light keeps flashing- and that is so annoying, Olivia.  Also, turn on the air conditioning, god damnit.

To which I’ll reply, OK, I’ll put on my seat belt, but no, I’m not turning on the air conditioning because I’m hypermiling, you wasteful son-of-a-bitch.

The second most common grievance is my completely unnecessary and most likely hazardous adoration for the sky.


-Olivia pay attention you’re swerving-

-Oh my God they’re EVERYWHERE!


What can I say, I’m a danger to society, so consider yourself warned.  Anyone hereafter who gets suckered into the passenger seat of my car has no one to blame but themselves.

But c’mon.. stars are fucking pretty.  Maybe not pretty enough to put my friends in danger, but please don’t tell me you aren’t just so glad when you look up and there’s a glittering riot winking, wrinkling, twinkling.. Hello! Hello! Hello!  We’re here and we always have and we always will!

I was recently warming near a campfire on a brisk evening in West Virginia. Indulging in the satisfying puff and sizzle of a failed Jiffy-Pop experiment and enjoying the warm laughter around me, I gazed at the sky.  The stars were brilliant, puncturing intensely white pin pricks all through the canopy of trees.

I blurted something out loud like “Isn’t that awesome?”

A friend asked if I had ever been anywhere where there isn’t any light pollution. I had, in fact. He told me I’m easily impressed- which I am sure he meant in a good way, or at least, I like to think so.

Sure, anyone who has been to the middle of the Serengeti can tell you the night sky is unmatchable.  But does that make West Virginia any less lovely?

It makes for an awfully dull life if we can only see things with wistful retrospect.  Yes, I’ve seen a night sky where the milky way shone purple mist against the black vacuum, but I’ve also rejoiced in the happy, twinkling, Hello! Hello! through the West Virginia trees.  I gotta tell you, the stars will always impress and delight me everywhere I go- and if that means I’m easily impressed, isn’t that wonderful!


5 responses to “Ba-ba-ba-ba, who loves the sun?, ba-ba-ba-ba, not everyone!

  1. i liked this one a lot.

    did i recommend banana yoshimoto to you yet? this was like her and miranda july’s love baby.

    baby love!

  2. if i catch you ‘lookin up at the pretty stars’ while you’re on your future motorcyle, there will be words.

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