Cheddar bunnies hippity hop all around the desk top

Luke and I live at Kind Coffee.  Free wi-fi, very friendly employees, and couches! The bagels are for some reason other worldly..

There are a couple things we’ve discovered here in Estes, CO that have been a godsend:

First, the burritos at Ed’s Cantina are stellar, and on the cheap. Huge, delicious burritos for not too expensive.  My new favorite burrito ever is Ed’s fish burrito.  It may have been because Luke and I had been living off ramen and canned corn for a few days, but I like to think that the burritos are really just that good.

Second, the people here are really nice and a wonderful resource of information.  One of the employees at Kind Coffee sent us in the direction of free, legit camping at the foot of Mt Meeker- a near 14,000′ peak.  Our first night was spent on the side of the road in the middle of a prairie. The second night we snuck into a Jellystone campground- complete with plastic models of Yogi the bear and irritating/ cute path names like “BooBoo Bypass.”  Finally, we get the insider information, and after a loooong drive up a mountain in the middle of bear land we arrive at a well trafficked unmarked camping ground with fire rings and cleared tent areas.   Perfect.

Tonight we stay with an old Earth Treks employee who now guides with Estes Mountain Shop.  He lives in true dirt bag climbing fashion: we found a box full of nothing but brownie packs, cookies, and nutri-grain bars.

I had my first shower in three days. It was a spiritual experience.


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