Louis Vuitton

Grand Canyon is surprisingly cool and pleasant.

Nothing terribly exciting has happened– just the usual tourist bit and so on. Learned something very adorable about black bears, though: If they feel threatened, usually they will run away. However, they have been known to do a “fake out.” They might run straight for you, stop inches from you as you piss yourself, and then run away. They may even do a little head butt and knock you down, then run away. Cute, right?

Luke and I now have a definite game plan for the next month and a half. Today, we leave for Vegas/ Red Rocks. Luke leaves to go back to MD tomorrow, and for the next three days I drive to Salt Lake City and hang out.

Then it’s Tetons and Yellowstone! Seattle… Portland..finally arrive in San Rafael, CA for 3-4 days and hang out with Luke’s family (and adorable baby cousins Ryan and Samantha). Then, the rest of September is spent ambling around California looking for jobs, etc.

Here is the exciting part: from October 1st through October 31st, Luke and I are going to be working at a hostel just outside of Yosemite in return for a place to stay! I’m really excited, it’ll give us a chance to meet a lot of new people and have a “home” for a little bit. Also– it means showers! Showers Every Day!! Aaahhh….

Anyway, I cannot wait to get out of the desert- I crave fresh water and thick forests and rain!


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