Fog Hog

Finally! West Coast! Pacific Ocean, In N Out Burger, Avacados, Trollies, Fog… The vibe is serene, fresh, funky, and beautiful.

The past week has been Seattle, Portland, and Novato.

Seattle: Pike Place Market! So many sounds, colors, smells, and personalities. Sensory overload! Blocks of fresh local produce, aisles of gorgeous flawless aromatic flowers, and fish mongers throwing huge slippery salmon.  Russian pastries, two dollar tacos, the best macaroni and cheese I’ve ever had..and did I mention that each booth has someone announcing, singing, calling out “FRESH SALMON!” “GET YOUR NECTARINES AND PEACHES! PEACHES AND NECTARINES! WE HAVE A LONG WINTER OF APPLES AND PEARS AHEAD OF US!” “CHOCOLATE LINGUINE! HAVE A TASTE YOULL BE CONVERTED!” Seriously-  I love this place.

Portland: We spent four days with Lukes aunt in beautiful Oregon with it’s wealth of evergreen forests and, geez, soo many waterfalls! Mt Hood stands bold nearby- it is so lovely to see the sunrise next to it.  Luke’s aunt Pam and her boyfriend Loran are just fabulous (and oh so adorable) hosts as they take us to see Hood and the Timberline Lodge.  Loran buys little porcelein squirrels and Pam gets cute little trinkets to add to their house abounding with disneyland momentos, lizards, giraffes, and the occasional dinosaur hiding in every drawer and cabinet.  We also got a taste of the famous Voodoo Doughnut– the maple bacon bars are MMM so fantastic. Luke and I also got a fun visit with our friends Colin and Kate from back home who were in town for a wedding!  We all spent the day walking around a gorgeous moss covered forest, bouldering in a nearby gym, and ending the day with a lovely italian dinner and gelato.Lke and I also did a little climbing at Smith Rock. It was a loong drive, but fun climbing and great people.

Novato: We are currently in a town just above San Francisco in Marin. God it is so beautiful here. Just next to the shore, wonderful weather, and there are so many neighborhoods built right into these enormous hills that look over the city.  Lukes aunt and uncle, Elizabeth and Craig, live in one of these houses and the view is just awesome.  The fog rolls in in the morning and the city is gleaming at night.  It always smells like salt water.  It doesn’t hurt that Craig and Elizabeth also have two of the most adorable children ever!  Yesterday Luke and I took a ferry into San Francisco and walked around Pier 39.  Lots of fun, especially the hundreds of seals honking and biting nearby.

Things are going great- soon we leave for Yosemite! It’s hard to believe we have been driving around for a month now. I can’t wait to have somewhere to live.. my car is a little too small to live out of.

Photos soon..


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