Entering a new stage. Spotlight, aannnd scene:

Life is catching up fast.

I had a moment in the car as I was driving home from work: suddenly I was in PRESENT TIME. I began to eerily acknowledge the fact that I am no longer a gloomy California dreamin’ teenager itching to prove to myself that I am capable of living on my own. I am living on my own. In California. Daily grind, paying bills. I’m not bored and gloomy anymore… I’m boring and slightly glum but definitely more reasonable and I make more to-do lists.

I was slightly surprised to watch my hands driving a car I bought with insurance I pay for driving on a road in California towards my very own apartment. How exactly did I get teleported here, and where is Ashton Kutcher hiding to tell me I’ve been Punk’d?

Then, there was another sobering meta- realization: I’ll be having these freak outs for the rest of my life.

WTF I’m married. OMG I’m pregnant. FML my kid is bigger than me and talks like an adult. FTW im retiring.

One Word.





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