In the Northwest. I love these totem poles.

Let’s recap:

1) Almost 2 years in California flew by.  There was good, and bad, and ugly, but mostly just the stuff in between.  

2) I quit Starbucks, then quit Bacara. The former being very awesome, the latter good but bittersweet. 

3) I have re entered school and am attempting to be a super-student and get into a 4 year college to major in urban planning.  This stage is still in progress. 

4) My boyfriend Luke and I have now been together for nearly 4 years. Ups and downs, but mostly the good stuff.  He is now in bootcamp to be a Marine.  In a recent letter to me he said, “I almost ate a brownie yesterday, but I got screamed at and intimidated out of it.  They told me they would make me vomit it back up.” He’s having a lot of fun. 

5) Currently I am in Washington (the state).  I’ve decided to get out of dodge for a few months and pursue the pleasantries of goat herding and spreading manure.  

6) My ex-landlord did indeed keep my security deposit. Expected, but at the same time, really really really infuriating.  Luke and I sued him, and won, but still haven’t gotten our money back.  sljrlerbailurbfawlfb


These next few months will be all about spending time on the farm, learning about traveling on my own, and learning about not collecting a paycheck.  It will also be about the fun bits in Luke’s letters from Marine prison.  


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