Uncertainly not. Or, outlandishly adequate.

Today is day 4 of 27 in my WWOOFing experience.

So far, not too bad. I live in a blue run down Volkswagen a few hundred yards from the ocean.  I get two guaranteed free home cooked meals a day, and I have a place to do laundry (very important). My WWOOF hosts are Jason and Lee Knott of the so called “Knott University”- a property they are preparing as their future homesite with their three kids: Jade, Kai, and Atlas.  The site is off grid using solar and wind energy, with some help from a grease run generator that smells like McDonald’s. The smell isn’t terrible. It really just makes me hungry- especially since the food the Knott’s feed me is Healthy. Capital H. Though, mind you, still delicious. 

My duties have hitherto included feeding chickens (there are four), feeding goats (Herby, Star, and Bright), machete-ing trees, moving a wood pile from here to there, and varnishing. Actually, not varnishing… epoxying? Whatever it is, it smells like bourbon. Very harsh bourbon. 

I don’t really know what I was expecting. I am kind of looking forward to the end of this. The days are long, and although I genuinely like my hosts and the people I work with, I get this overall feeling of awkwardness. We’re in the “getting to know you” part. I hate that part. I’m terrible at that part. 

Here’s the trouble, I am shy. But I don’t like being shy, so I pretend I am not.  But the other person knows I’m not being natural, so there’s this whole dance that plays out… anyway. I hate this part. Maybe it’ll blow over… I hope so… but part of me has a hankering that the awkwardness will drag out until we are still awkwardly half-hugging and saying awkward goodbyes when I leave here. 

But maybe not.

Tomorrow is Friday.. TGIF? I dunno if they observe the weekend here… God I hope so.  If they make me work more than 5 days.. I dunno what I’ll do.  


Go on strike?


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