If I die in Raleigh, at least I will die free.


one of my favorite bands, Old Crow Medicine Show

courtesy monterey peninsula artists

Arrived at my new farm.

Philip drove me from Seattle (Thanks Phil!!) into the relative emptiness of Raymond, WA. I had a small bout of anxiety, but it soon subsided as Sandy, a kind and spirited older lady, quickly showed me my spacious comfortable room and said good-night.

I got ready for bed and walked around a little in the darkened house. The cozy rancher has a big airy living room with brush painted yellow walls, comfy mis-matched chairs, and a well-loved oriental rug. Theres a fire place along the south wall, book shelves with aged books along one adjacent wall, and a guitar, ukelele, guit-jo, fiddle, and piano along another.

This morning I woke up at 6:30 with light pouring into the windows and loads of squawking chickens. I stayed in bed for a half hour more just breathing in the air. It smells like pine and old books.

I’ve gotten to know Larry and Sandy a little. Sandy is an old-time musician and used to have a live music and variety show on NPR called ‘Sandy’s Potluck.’ Larry had various lives, first as a psychiatrist for children with terminal diseases, then a carpenter, and finally, oyster farmer.  They’ve retired here and now own a very extensive property (its gotta be something like 50 acres at least).

Animals stats:

2 donkeys
5 goats (2 cuuuute kids!)
2 pigs
15+ sheep
30+ chickens
2+ guinea hens
4 cats
4 geese
8+ ducks

1 biiig beautiful french shepherd dog

Todays chores included bottle feeding the cute tiny baby goats, brushing the donkeys, and weeding a little. After weeding Larry, Sandy, and I shared a deliiicious lunch- cucumber salad with an egg frittata baked in a cast iron skillet with lots of goat cheddar cheese, turnips, snap peas, and ground sheep (at least I think it was sheep). There was a pitcher of lemonade made with rhubarb juice and elderflower (MMM) and to finish the meal off: home-made chocolate pudding. I could just die.

Other fun adventures:
-Tandem bike ride with Larry (he hasn’t driven a car in 30 years!!)
-A neighbor visited with his grandkids- 3 robust and beautiful (and quarter asian!!) boys who speak perfect chinese and english and some german, malaysian, and swedish. WTF.
-A hike through the property forested with beautiful alders, cedar, spruce, huckleberries, salmonberries, and blackberries!
-Finding lots of chicken eggs, and two nests of duck eggs!

I have no cell phone service and the nearest town is ages away… but I think I’ll be just fine here. Just fine :)


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